Alex Holznienkemper



After receiving his B.A.s and M.A. from the University of Arizona, Alex went on to Ohio State for his doctoral work. There, he continued teaching on study abroad programs and was able to spend a fellowship year at the FU and HU in Berlin. His dissertation examines the role of religion in contemporary social theory and narratives of religion in violent fundamentalism. He spent two years teaching at the University of Notre Dame and has been a Regular Lecturer at Baylor University since 2015. 

Stemming from his undergraduate major in Interdisciplinary Studies, Alex' interests continue to be wide-ranging. In addition to zeroing in on contemporary social theory (Habermas, Taylor, Honneth) and contemporary narratives of fundamentalism, other areas of expertise and interest include the ethics and aesthetics of team sports, German missionary activity, multicultural authors, as well as secularization theory. 

His love for literature and philosophy represented quite a stark turn from being an Engineering major at the U of A as a freshmen and sophomore, but he is eternally grateful to the mentors, friends and colleagues that helped foster this interest while at the U of A.