Changing the World: Ideas, Experiences, and Stories in the German-Speaking Tradition

How did the world become the way we know it today? Who or what shifted existing ideas and ways of thinking? Which watershed moments forever altered the future? This course features ideas that changed the world, experiences that left nobody the same, and stories that made a difference through the lens of the German-speaking world. It explores key moments of the German-speaking tradition and their relevance for today through culture, history, literature, and art. Taught in English.

Class Number: 

GER 272


Regular grades are awarded for this course: A, B, C, D, E. Available to qualified students for pass/fail option.

Pre requisite(s): 

Freshman Composition, Two Courses from Tier One, Traditions and Cultures.

Usually Offered: 

Fall, Spring



Approved As: 

General Education Tier Two - Humanities