Reading Transculturally

Intended for MA and PhD students in the second semester of their first year of coursework, this seminar prepares students as generalists in transcultural German Studies in order to acquire extensive historical and generically diverse reading experience and set a clear agenda for their MA examination reading list or PhD comprehensive reading list. To achieve this goal, the course draws the German Studies Department Graduate Handbook and students' research interests, while aiming for parity in representing the fields of literature/culture and applied linguistics, guiding students in assembling their reading lists and committees, and requiring the reading of at least 25 texts that are discussed with a specifically transcultural approach in both English and German.

Class Number: 

GER 514


Regular grades are awarded for this course: A, B, C, D, E.

May Be Repeated: 

Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 unit(s) or 2 completion(s).