Thinkers and Dreamers: Challenges of the Imagination in German History

Grand global challenges require broad thinking. For centuries, philosophers, theologians, playwrights, and poets writing in German have grappled with questions of the human condition. From theologian Martin Luther to the political theorist Hannah Arendt, from the philologist Friedrich Nietzsche to the dancer Pina Bausch,German thinkers and dreamers have been exploring the possibilities and limitations of the human intellect in action. This course takes a wide-angle look at what German-speaking intellectual history can tell us about the contemporary world, and about the complex cultural and social history leading up to today. Taught in English.

Class Number: 

GER 242


Regular grades are awarded for this course: A, B, C, D, E. Available to qualified students for pass/fail option.

Pre requisite(s): 

Freshman Composition, Two Courses from Tier One, Traditions and Cultures.

Usually Offered: 

Fall, Spring



Approved As: 

General Education Tier Two - Humanities