Voices Past and Present (as of 01/01/19: German Cultural and Literary History)

Prerequisite to all upper-division courses: expanding knowledge of the cultural history of the German speaking countries;advances oral and written proficiency in German. Registration for this class is only through the department, students wishing to register for this class must meet first with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Taught in German. 

(As of 01/01/19: German 301 is an intermediate/advanced course for students to expand their knowledge of the cultural history of the German speaking countries. The course advances students’ ability to discuss and write critically about literature, film, and other cultural artifacts related to key moments in German history. Taught in German.)

Class Number: 

GER 301


Regular grades are awarded for this course: A, B, C, D, E. Available to qualified students for pass/fail option.

Pre requisite(s): 

GER 202 or equivalent.

May Be Repeated: 

For credit 1 time (maximum 2 enrollments).

Usually Offered: 

Fall, Spring






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