Master of Arts

The fundamental purpose of the Master of Arts in German Studies is to mentor each graduate student toward outstanding standards of scholarship and teaching, independent research, and professional excellence. The MA in German Studies prepares students to analyze critically and synthesize various aspects of literary studies, cultural studies, theoretical and applied linguistics, studies in second language acquisition and teaching, and related professional disciplines. These pages are designed to familiarize prospective applicants with the program and to guide current students through the various steps towards their Master of Arts degree.

All Master’s students in the Department of German Studies complete a minimum of 33 units of graduate coursework at the 500 level and above, typically over a four-semester period. It is most common for students to take two or three graduate seminars per semester, depending on their teaching responsibilities. Students are welcome to complete more than the 33-credit minimum.

There are several courses of study available for new MA students in the Department of German Studies. The first three tracks listed on the left form the core of our MA offerings, and are usually paired with a GAT-ship that includes tuition waiver and insurance plan. The non-teaching professional tracks (Business Administration, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Journalism, Translation, and Collaborative Governance) are designed to allow working professionals to pursue a Masters of Arts in German Studies with a particular professional concentration. These professional-emphasis tracks are fee-bearing, and to discuss them in further detail, prospective applicants should contact the Director of Graduate Studies. The menu on the left will guide you through the details of the MA program and the possible courses of study.

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