Translation Studies Emphasis

Coursework includes at least 33 units of graduate coursework over four semesters, including:
  • GER 508 “Approaches to German Studies” (In first semester if offered. The student will complete a seminar project related to Translation Studies in this seminar.)
  • GER 579 “Issues and Methods in Post-Secondary Foreign Language Teaching and Learning” (In the first semester if teaching. If not teaching, 579 is optional.)
  • GER 561 “The Task of the Translator”

3 credits as a graduate seminar (in or beyond the department) on a Translation Studies topic

3 credits as a Translation Thesis Project directed by a German Studies Faculty Member

This project is generally conceived as either 1) an original longer-form translation, plus a reflective analysis of the particular translation process and context, or 2) an analytical thesis on a Translation Studies topic. Further guidelines for the project are determined in consultation with the student’s chosen Thesis Director, during their third semester of coursework.