Graduate College

The University of Arizona Graduate College is the administrative unit that oversees all of the graduate programs offered at the University of Arizona.

When prospective graduate students apply to UA, they apply both to their program of interest as well as to the Graduate College. We have an outstanding Admissions staff dedicated to the admissions process. Our Degree Certification staff helps current graduate students transfer coursework completed at other institutions (or at UA as a non-degree seeking student or in pursuit of a different degree) into their current programs, tracks students' progress toward their degrees, and awards students their degrees when they have fulfilled all of their requirements.

The Graduate College staff works closely with faculty members and UA staff at the department and college levels to develop new programs and courses to meet the ever changing needs of our students. The Graduate College helps support the University of Arizona Graduate and Professional Student Council, and works with those representatives to produce the annual Graduate Orientation event and manage other projects. The Graduate Assistantship/Associateship program, which helps fund a large percentage of UA graduate students throughout their studies, is overseen by the Graduate College, and we work with the University Teaching Center to produce GATO, the TA training program.

The IT section of the Graduate College is dedicated to improving how information is exchanged, not only between university administrators but also between potential and current students and the administration. We are constantly improving our website, online resources and online applications. The Graduate College has several associate and assistant Deans who supervise staff, implement and enforce adademic policies, administer graduate assistantships and awards, write grants to fund various programs that help support all types of graduate students, design surveys to gather and analyze data in order to improve how the Graduate College functions, and much, much more.