UA German Studies at the ACTFL Convention

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

UA German Studies was well-represented at the annual convention of the American Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages this year in Nashville, with two faculty presenters and three recent graduate alumns presenting on the research and teaching. Professor Chantelle Warner presented together on a panel on Peace and Conflict in the German Classroom, which focused on how issues of migration and refuge can be a part of German curricula and service learning opportunities. She also led a panel on New Assessments in German Language Teaching, which featured Diane Richardson-a former Graduate Student Instructor and now an isntructor at West Point Military Academy. Professor Albrecht Classen shared insights from the UA German program as part of a discussion on raising the relevance of German language programs. Kyung Lee Gagum, who completed her PhD in German Studies last year and is currently teaching at UNC, Chapel Hill, presented on research related to the teaching of graphic novels, which she began as part of her disseration research. Kristin Lange (Elon University), another recent Graduate Student Instructor in German, organized a panel on Connecting Classrooms and Study Abroad, which included a fellow UA PhD, Kacy Peckenpaugh (Weber State University).