Image of Christina Becher
LSB 301
Becher, Christina
Graduate Associate

Christina Becher is a doctoral student in German Philology (University of Cologne, Germany) and Transcultural German Studies (University of Arizona). Before beginning her doctoral work in April 2019, she studied at the University of Münster, where she completed her BA with a double major in German Philology and Cultural and Social Anthropology. Her interest in cultural perspectives on German literature in a broad sense is reflected in her two MA degrees in German Philology and in Cultural Poetics of Literature and Media from the University of Münster.

As a visiting scholar, Christina already spent seven months (2019/20) at the UofA in order to do research within the developing field of cultural plant studies and to work with Professor Joela Jacobs, who jointly supervises her dissertation with Professor Nicolas Pethes in Cologne. Christina's project explores the various functions of vegetal-human hybrids in literature and comics. Interested in hybrids from the 20th century to present time, she focuses especially on their emergence in poetological, feminist, and ecological contexts.

From 2019 to 2021, Christina was a co-editor of textpraxis: Digital Journal for Philology and is a member of the Literary and Cultural Plant Studies Network.