Whether you want to study abroad or complete an internship, are looking for a scholarship or an opportunity to speak German outside of class, we offer a lot of ways for students to engage with German.

  • Study Abroad

    • World class cities, medieval castles, Alpine foothills, 500 year old cathedrals, World Cup soccer, fresh Brötchen, monasteries, museums, music and more. Study in Germany in one of the twelve German exchange programs offered by the University of Arizona.
  • Scholarship opportunities

    • To make the study abroad experience more affordable, there are numerous scholarships available to UA students wanting to study in Germany. 
    • Scholarships and Awards
  • Internship programs

    • Whether you are looking to combine the interests of your major and minor, have the urge to apply your learning to practice, or want to experience what you can do with German outside of class, internships are a great opportunity.
    • Internships
  • German Student Club

    • Engage with German beyond your courses as a citizen of the Southwest. Practice your German in the German Student Club, which is committed to a nonjudgmental atmosphere for all conversations.
    • Deutscher Studenten Club
  • Event Calendar

    • Visit our calendar to see when events hosted by the German Studies Department are taking place.
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