What our students think about our M.A. program

Rachel Walker, M.A. 2011

"As a student in the Master's program at the University of Arizona's Department of German Studies, I felt encouraged and inspired by the faculty, staff, and other graduate teaching assistants. Their commitment to excellence in education is contagious and extends beyond the classroom. I developed professionally as I engaged in the opportunities to research and present, volunteer on  campus and in the community, and hold leadership roles in learning-centered extracurricular activities. 

The Department of German Studies served our greatest needs as students through the presence of both focus and flexibility in the program and courses. I enjoyed the variety of course offerings as well as the opportunity to approach each subject in-depth with creative and critical thinking. It is the relevance and adaptability of multicultural and transcultural appreciation within the curriculum to which I attribute my preparedness to enter the field of International Education. I am currently an International Admissions Counselor and correspond each day with people from diverse backgrounds. Many of the skills essential to my career, from program evaluation to international market research to cross-cultural communication, I owe to the time I spent in the versatile, learner-centered graduate program in German Studies at the University of Arizona. 

That I am grateful for having been taught and influenced by some of the brightest professionals in the field I love is an understatement. I am inspired not only by their knowledge and passion for teaching, but by the global perspectives with which I learned to view the classroom, course content and ultimately, the world."

Allison Overgaard, M.A. 2014

"As I reflect on my experience at the University of Arizona I realized that I have had the opportunity to grow in so many areas. My German has continued to improve and I have learned a great deal about German history as well. In addition I have gained the skills to become a teacher. I enjoyed the many activities that were offered in the department. The feedback that I received from the German faculty has translated into positive feedback from my student sand several students have chosen to seek a German minor or major which they attribute to my classes. This would not have been possible without the mentorship and guidance of the German department faculty who helped me develop and hone skills that translate into engaging and inspiring students. I feel happy to have Masters of Arts in German Studie sand my secondary education certification, a degree that allows me to teach and at the same time opens other avenues of employment. I would certainly recommend University of Arizona's German program to anyone and would be happy to talk to any students considering pursuing a degree at the University of Arizona."