September 2019


Several times during the semester, the Department of German Studies hosts scholars and artists who present their work. Visitors, departmental faculty and graduate students come together for a lively discussion. See our calendar for the next Colloquium or contact us.


The German Club holds Stammtisch every week. Stammtisch is a German tradition in which a group of friends meets every week at the same table, or Tisch, to socialize. Students, faculty and community members all are invited.

Film Screening (GER 599/325)

Throughout the semester, the Department screens many German films for its students -- from classics to the contemporary. See our calendar for the next screening (in German with English subtitles) or contact Prof. Barbara Kosta.

Fisch out of Water

Come to an event that celebrates the aesthetic uniqueness that your native tongue brings to the foreign languages you speak—quirks, trips of the tongue, and all. Germans reciting in Spanish, US Americans singing in Russian, Turks reading in French, all conspiring to enjoy and embrace the aesthetic experience of blended languages. See our calendar for the next Fisch out of Water event. 

Upcoming Events

Department faculty and graduate students at a previous major fair
Sep 25
Find our table at the fair, have some gummy bears, and learn more about our programs!
Colloquium stock picture, showing notebook and pen
Sep 27
Please join us for this colloquium presentation.
Save the date flyer with images of LILAC speakers
Sep 27
The Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy (CERCLL) at the University of Arizona will be leading a series of on campus events and professional learning communities for faculty, administrators and graduate students in...
Humanities Festival Logo, saying "next"
Oct 2
Humanity’s achievements bring about widespread changes. We’ve harnessed fire, created languages and built civilizations. We’ve explored our planet and beyond. New technologies rise. New ideas develop. People and culture influence one another. How...
Film poster
Oct 3
Fack Ju Göhte | Suck Me Shakespeer (dir. Bora Dagtekin, 2013) The bank robber Zeki Müller (Elyas M’Barek) is released from prison and attempts to retrieved his stashed loot. Unfortunately, he and his partner stashed the ill-gotten goods in a...
Colloquium stock picture of notebook with pen
Oct 7
Please join us for this colloquium presentation in German on "Überlegungen zur deutschen Kolonialliteratur als deutschkamerunische Literatur des kolonialen Zeitalters."
Picture of the speaker and the title
Oct 7
A century after its founding in 1919, scholars and the art-and-design interested public associate the Bauhaus with modernist architecture, sleek avant-garde design, and abstract painting by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, or László...
Picture of Barbara Kosta
Oct 17
The modern woman stepped onto the stage of 1920s Berlin and became an icon of modernity. She graced the streets of the metropolis, participated in the workforce outside of the home in unprecedented numbers, went to the movies, sat in cafés or went...
Film poster
Oct 17
Ballon | Balloon (dir. Michael Herbig, 2018) Based on a true story of two families’ attempt to escape East Germany in 1970 via air. Their amateur-built hot air balloon and meticulous planning is surely inspirational, but were they covert enough to...
Picture of fall leaves.
Oct 18
Join us for Brats and games in the sun. Bring your friends. Everyone is invited!
Picture of current graduate students and faculty (credit: Patrick Ploschnitzki).
Oct 25
Topic: Developing CVs for Academic, Non-Academic, Alt-Academic Jobs Professional development is an optional, no-pressure event for graduate students in the German Department on topics suggested by graduate students, and everyone is welcome. Picture...
Film poster
Oct 31
Als wir träumten | As We Were Dreaming (dir. Andreas Dresen, 2015) “Als wir träumten” is a 2015 German film directed by Andreas Dresen and is based on the novel of the same name by author Clemens Meyer. The film features a group of boys in the early...
Colloquium stock picture
Nov 8
Please join us for this colloquium presentation.
Film poster
Nov 14
23 – Nichts ist so wie es scheint | 23 – Nothing is as it seems (dir. Hans-Christian Schmid, 1998) Based on the true story of West German hacker Karl Koch (August Diehl). After spending his inheritance on a flat and a personal computer, Koch and his...
Colloquium stock picture of notebook with pen
Nov 15
Please join us for this colloquium presentation.