Graduate Admissions

Applications for the PhD Program are due January 15 in order to begin the program in the following fall semster. For the MA Program, first-round applications are due on January 15, in order to begin the program in the following fall. A second round of applications may be accepted on March 15, also for fall admission. The department will consider late applications. 

For general questions regarding the application process or financial support and prior to applying to the Professional MA, please make sure to contact the Director of Graduate Studies

Application Materials to be directed to the UA Graduate College (What is that?)

  • Application Fee of $85 by check, money order, or credit card to be paid during registration
  • Complete the online application form


Application Materials to be directed to the Department of German Studies (added to the above application form)

  • Official transcripts showing an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher, and with a GPA in German courses of 3.5 or higher (international students should include documentation in the form of all available grade reports)
  • 3 academic letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose in German (approx. 1-2 double-spaced pages), outlining your interests and/or experiences in the areas research and teaching and what you hope to achieve during your graduate studies
  • 3-5 minute audio recording in German, including a short personal narrative and/or a reading of a favorite text (speakers of German as their first language are not required to submit an audio recording)
  • Curriculum vitae, comprehensive resume, or Lebenslauf
  • Graduate Assistantship application form (What is that?)
  • For PhD program applicants only: academic writing sample (15-25 double-spaced pages) either in German or English

Additional Materials for International Students

If you are neither a US citizen nor a permanent US resident at the time of application, you will be considered an international student. In addition to the application fee for the university, you will also need to pay the application and processing fee for your visa to the appropriate institutions.

The Director of Graduate Studies is available for questions throughout the process and might reach out with a request for a conversation via video or phone call after the application materials have been received.


Diane Richardson

PhD 2016

The joint PhD program in Transcultural German Studies has allowed me to combine my interests in Foreign Language Pedagogy and German Literary and Cultural Studies. Working and studying at the renowned Herder-Institut, where I began the program, prepared me well for teaching German at the University of Arizona. After my first semester in Tucson, I knew that I wanted to continue teaching German in the US, so I switched sides and ended up staying four years instead of one. Throughout my studies, I have been very impressed with the great amount of support shown by faculty on both sides of the program. For anyone interested in a combination of pedagogy, linguistics, and literary studies, this program is an excellent choice.