picture of Germany city
2 weeks ago
In 2018, the Arizona Summer-Study-in-Leipzig Germany Program, offered by the Department of German Studies, is celebrating its 15th anniversary! The program, directed by Professor Peter Ecke, is an...
The Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy's core team: (from left to right) Co-Directors Chantelle Warner and Beatrice Dupuy, and Associate Director Kate Mackay (Photo: Michelle Doggett/College of Humanities)
2 weeks ago
  German Studies faculty member, Chantelle Warner, is the co-director of CERCLL - Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy, one of three UA centers awarded a total...
2 weeks ago
"Kulturhistorische Studien haben schon seit geraumer Zeit offengelegt, dass die Konfrontation des Eigenen mit dem Fremden fundamentale Bedingungen oder Probleme in den verschiedensten Epochen und...
Photo showing Albecht Classen, Nick Petry, and Carolin Radke
2 weeks ago
Our graduate students and faculty have been presenting their research at many conferences this fall, from the German Studies Association to Women in German, from the American Association for Literary...
book cover of Women Writing War
4 weeks ago
Together with Katharina von Hammerstein and Julie Shoults, Barbara Kosta has edited a collection of essays on Women Writing War: From German Colonialism to World War I, which addresses the...
1 month ago
The German program at Empire High School has been designated a German Center of Excellence by the American Association for Teachers of German. The program is led by one of UA German's ...
travel-related images
1 month ago
Applications for all of these scholarships are due on December 5. You can find further information about these and other external scholarships here. Deutscher...
I heart Zombies
1 month ago
We are proud to announce that the Daily Wildcat's list of unique GenEd classes at UA is featuring three German courses:  #3 is "From Animation to Zombies," a tier 1 course about...
Oktoberfest by the numbers, showing two beer steins
2 months ago
Take a look at this fun infographic of "Oktoberfest by the numbers" and scroll down to read Dr. McGregor's take on celebrating on a budget and intercultural considerations about safety.
Screens connected by a stream of binary code
2 months ago
The Center for Educational Resources in Culture Language and Literacy (CERCLL), a National Language Resource Center at the University of Arizona co-directed by German Studies Professor Chantelle...