Oktoberfest by the numbers, showing two beer steins
1 week ago
Take a look at this fun infographic of "Oktoberfest by the numbers" and scroll down to read Dr. McGregor's take on celebrating on a budget and intercultural considerations about safety.
Screens connected by a stream of binary code
1 week ago
The Center for Educational Resources in Culture Language and Literacy (CERCLL), a National Language Resource Center at the University of Arizona co-directed by German Studies Professor Chantelle...
Picture of journal title & description
1 week ago
Titled "Languaging as Refuge: Practice Meets Theory," the new special double issue of Critical Multilingualism Studies (founding co-editors are Professors Gramling and Warner) contains a moving...
Image of two graduate alumni of the department
2 weeks ago
Professor Chantelle Warner will join other UA faculty at an open house hosted by the University of Arizona Museum of Art this coming Thursday (Sep.6). From 9:30 to 10:30 faculty will share some of...
Flyer for the book
2 weeks ago
Dr. Classen has added a new genre to his list of publications: In addition to academic work and poetry, he is now the author of a German collection of satires about American life. Read more about the...
PhD Student Patrick Ploschnitzki
1 month ago
"Das Fenster zur Welt (The Window to the World) (2013) chronicles the friendship between two grieving individuals: the eighty-year-old Hanna, who is reevaluating her life after the death of her...
2 months ago
“Monolingualism just won’t cut it if you want to know what the world is singing and saying in its stories, myths, legends, and lyrics,” said David Gramling, UA associate professor of German...
Picture of David Gramling.
2 months ago
German professors David Gramling, Yuliya Komska, and Michelle Moyd have published Linguistic Obedience: Restoring Power to Civic Language. This book asks how we—as citizens,...
German Department Graduates and Faculty
4 months ago
We are celebrating our MA and PhD Graduates and are wishing them all the best for their future endeavors. Please join us in congratulating: Agnes Cšer, PhD Jesse Archbold, MA Stephanie...
photo of graduate students
4 months ago
The National Center for Interpretation awarded two graduate student fellowships to SLAT PhD Candidate Amanda Snell and Transcultural German Studies PhD Student Patrick Ploschnitzki. Please...