Image of Bailey Lockwood
4 days ago
In December 1984, the University of Arizona Division of Student Affairs created the Centennial Achievement Award to be presented annually. This award is given to two seniors graduating during the current academic year. One of them is studying German...
Image from Leipzig
5 days ago
The German Studies Department was awarded scholarships from the Max Kade Foundation to support students who want to study in the Arizona Summer Study in Leipzig Program. Scholarships will be in the amount of $1,000 each and students are also...
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1 week ago
The Department of German Studies offers several scholarships to support your study abroad plans. We want to make sure that you have funding before applying to our study abroad programs, so we have moved the scholarship application deadline...
Photo of our graduate students
1 month ago
Meet us as we're going about a regular day. If you want to find out more about the German Studies community, especially if you are interested in a German major/minor, MA, or PhD, contact us! We are looking forward to meeting you! 
Image of the book cover
1 month ago
"There are seven poets who have written poems to light up the little universe of the book:  Jane Beal, Gail Berlin, Albrecht Classen, Thom Foy, Katharine Jager, A.J. Odasso, and Katherine Durham Oldmixon (Garza). Each poet has contributed...
Photo of Dr. McGregor
2 months ago
German Studies faculty, Dr. Janice McGregor, will be an invited speaker at the University of Calgary on October 25 and 26. Grounded in her research on study abroad, the talk will consider how educators and learners manage language learning and use...
2 months ago
The College of Humanities 2019 Young Professional Achievement Award will be presented to Dr. Megan Lisbeth Strang, who says her study of language and culture was foundational to her career as a pediatric audiologist.   After finishing her...
Picture of book cover
2 months ago
The most recent volume (no. 31) of the reputable peer-reviewed journal contains 11 articles and ca. 150 book reviews that span a wide range of publications in Medieval Studies. You can find the journal and more details here.
2 months ago
The Bauhaus was founded in Germany in 1919, during the post-war period when the country was reinventing itself, and the broadly interdisciplinary school would become a profoundly influential force across the 20th century. This fall, the UA will...
Picture of an open book that looks like a landscape
2 months ago
Current and recent graduate students from the UA German Studies program - Sina Colditz, Patrick Ploschnitzki, and Chelsea Timlin - have recently been invited to showcase their open educational resources for teaching language and culture as part...
Picture of David Gramling
2 months ago
Dr. Gramling will join the Board of Directors of the American Literary Translators Association as the liaison to the University of Arizona for a three-year term. Professor Gramling was instrumental in facilitating the recent affiliation of...
2 months ago
The 10th annual Tucson Humanities Festival features 10 events offering thought-provoking lectures, panels, readings and films by faculty and special guests, including poet and author Sandra Cisneros.   As new ideas develop and new...