Why Study German?


Develop new knowledges of fascinating language patterns, histories, and usage practices in spaces where German was/is spoken. Gain insight into German-speaking cultural histories and ongoing issues and questions for today’s world. Explore German-language texts, readings, film, media, materials and other contemporary questions facing the German-speaking world.


Learn how to use German in interaction with your peers and other speakers. Generate projects, arguments, ideas, presentations, podcasts, professional materials and many other media using German and in consideration of your developing multilingual resources. Navigate study abroad contexts and learn how to travel and navigate the German-speaking world. Make friends and experience the joy that comes from learning how to engage with others in another language!

Build Up

Dive into the rigorous task of learning and using German with intentionality, and count on community support. Join our community and take new perspectives as you build up your language, literacy, and intercultural capabilities. Support others and establish new relationships through your German language experiences. Get one-on-one advice and establish clear connections between your subject areas and contexts of interest.


Pursue joy in your studies. Spend your time at and beyond the UA doing things you absolutely love. Forge otherwise unlikely friendships with peers who also love learning and using German. Consider studying abroad and creating new memories with peers and opportunities with communities in the German-speaking world. Connect with people multilingually and share interests and curiosities.

Look Ahead

Think forward and experiment with applying your German Studies skills in other contexts while at the UA. Learn from this and internationally chart a path for setting yourself apart. Show how these skills influence how you solve problems in other contexts. Intentionally integrate these areas and create a path forward!



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