Why Study German?

Better Job Opportunities

Knowledge of German improves your chances of employment. German abroad and foreign companies in Germany seek experts with German language skills. In the European Union, there are many interesting opportunities to work for professionals who speak German. Anyone who speaks German has much better prospects for a great career. 

Professional who know other languages are called on to travel and exchange information with people in other countries throughout their careers. Knowing more than one language enhances employment opportunities in government, business, law, medicine and healthcare, teaching, technology, the military, communications, social service, and marketing. An employer will see you as a bridge to customers if you know a second language. You are more likely to win the trust and friendship of people whose languages you know even if you don't speak it fluently.


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As a tech communicator, Mandy uses her majors in German Studies and industrial engineering to be the bridge between STEM and the humanities. Hear her story.

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Interested in Business?

Speaking German gives you significant advantages in the world of business since many companies nowadays would choose a competent German speaker over an equally qualified candidate for a job. A proficiency in German prepares you to function productively on behalf of a multinational employer who wants to capitalize on business within the European Union and Eastern European countries. Germany is home to numerous international corporations and most multinational German companies are represented in the US with such well-known names as Bayer, BASF, Siemens, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Miele, Mannesmann, and Thyssen-Krupp. Germany has the largest economy in the European Union and the fifth largest in the world. It is the world's largest exporter and importer. Due to their high quality, German products are sold all over the world, and have established themselves as a trademark (Made in Germany). 

"As one of the world's leading exporters, Germany clearly understands that science and technology lay the foundation for its future position on the world markets. They are the key to competitiveness and sustainable economic growth."

Interested in the Sciences and Technology?

Having a knowledge of German gives you a tremendous advantage and a chance to be a part of exciting research programs in Germany, or collaborative research programs between Canada and Germany. With more than 250,000 scientists working in Germany, it is the world's third largest country of researchers. 

"German inventions and discoveries - such as the automobile, the theory of relativity, and the MP3 format- have changed the world. Research-intensive products and services contribute 45 percent to the creation of value in Germany, more than in any other industrialized country," Germany.info's science section proudly proclaims. 

"In a bold move, with all other budgets curtailed under a policy of austerity, the German Government is increasing its spending on education and research by a total of 12 billion euros between 2010 and 2013. For in these days of economic crisis, investing in science and technology is the smartest move we can make," says Business Science. 

Interested in Culture? 

German is essential for you if you choose a career in the visual arts, performing arts, or architecture. The German idea of Bildung (education/formation) encompasses centuries of tradition and innovation, and Germany's philosophers, authors, composers, architects, and artists continue to revolutionize their fields. With the knowledge of German, the language of "the country of poets and thinkers," you can access a world of sources for your studies in art history, photography, graphic arts, design, theater, film, dance, music, or literature. We provide a number of exchange programs with German universities or summer study abroad programs to experience German culture first-hand.