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Why I Chose German Studies

My classes in language and culture really helped me to be a more sensitive clinician.

Dr. Megan Lisbeth Strang
B.A German 2007
Pediatric Audiologist, Children's National Health System

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Our department offers three degree options in German Studies:

Bachelor's Degree in German Studies

Undergraduate courses are designed to familiarize students with the German language as well as the cultures and histories of German-speaking communities. The department is designated as a German Center of Excellence by the American Association of Teachers of German.

Master's Degree in German Studies

This program prepares students to analyze critically and synthesize various aspects of German Studies, such as literary studies, cultural studies, and applied linguistics, including studies in second language acquisition and teaching. 

Doctoral Degree in Transcultural German Studies

A dual and joint degree with the University of Arizona and the University of Leipzig, this program is well suited to students aspiring to pursue academic careers relating to national and international literary, educational, cultural, and linguistic interests.

News & Events

The College of Humanities 2019 Young Professional Achievement Award will be presented to Dr. Megan Lisbeth Strang, who says her study of language and...
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Current and recent graduate students from the UA German Studies program - Sina Colditz, Patrick Ploschnitzki, and Chelsea Timlin - have recently...
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The American Association of Teachers of German put together an exhibit about "First Encounters" between German immigrants and the people they met on...
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Dr. Gramling will join the Board of Directors of the American Literary Translators Association as the liaison to the University of Arizona for a...
Picture of Dr. David Gramling.
Dr. David Gramling's and Dr. Robert Gramling's research and new book on silences in end-of-life conversation is featured in Mosaic and...
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Dr. Joela Jacobs' research on environmental education projects of refugees in Germany, which has been published in two peer-reviewed venues, is...

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