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Angel Encinas

Angel Encinas | German Studies: The Humanities allows us to experience a completely different culture from the comfort of our own school. Whether you're studying in front of your laptop, or across the globe, you are encouraged to immerse yourself into another culture and feel welcomed. It's only then where you realize how all cultures intertwine with each other. Whether it be through the various types of arts such as music, language, food, and so forth, everyone can find their home away from home.

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Friends of German Studies

Gifts to this fund will provide flexible resources and enable us to respond to our greatest needs as they arise.

German Studies Scholarship Endowment

Gifts to this endowment support German Studies students in their Study Abroad and other endeavors.

SILLC Global Award

The School of International Languages, Literatures, & Cultures offers the SILLC Global Award for study abroad to students majoring in any of the SILLC disciplines.

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