German Club


The University of Arizona's Deutscher Studenten Club takes as its mission promotion of the learning of German language and culture. The club encourages students to be involved with German, both as University students in German courses and outside of class as citizens of the Southwest. Members' knowledge of the German language ranges from none to native, so the club provides a nonjudgemental atmosphere for all conversations. Students, faculty, staff, and other Tusconans are all welcome to join the club.

German Club Logo, showing the Arizona A, the letters DSC, and the Berlin TV Tower amid saguaros.


The DSC holds Stammtisch regularly during the semester. Stammtisch is a German tradition in which a group of friends meets every week at the same table, or Tisch, to socialize. Students, faculty, and community members are all invited. 

Check our calendar for details!


DSC officer meetings are on an ad-hoc basis. Although the meetings deal predominantly with administrative business and organization, anyone is invited to attend. We are always looking for new administrative members and officers. Please contact us if you'd like to get involved. 

Board Members

President: Noah Frazier
Vice President: Amira Beck
Secretary: Emma Vertachnik
Treasurer: Christian Burt
New Membership/Social Media Chair: Noelani Bond

Faculty Liaison: Janice McGregor
Graduate Student Liaison: Laurie Clark


Join us on Facebook, where most announcements are posted. You can also subscribe to our DSC listserv (how to subscribe), or you can email anyone listed above with questions, comments, or concerns.