Master of Arts

The Master of Arts in German Studies mentors each graduate student toward outstanding standards of scholarship and teaching, independent research, and professional excellence. Students in this program practice critical analysis across literary and cultural studies, theoretical and applied linguistics, studies in second language acquisition and teaching, and related professional disciplines. 

The Graduate Handbook, esp. section II, is designed to familiarize prospective applicants with the program and to guide current students through the steps toward their Master of Arts degree. All Master’s students in the Department of German Studies complete a minimum of 33 units of graduate coursework at the 500 level and above, typically over a four-semester period. It is most common for students to take two or three graduate seminars per semester, depending on their teaching responsibilities. Students are welcome to complete more than the 33-credit minimum. 

There are several courses of study available for MA students in the Department of German Studies. The Graduate Handbook details each course of study.

  • Literature and Culture Emphasis
  • Literature, Culture, and Pedagogy Emphasis
  • Literature, Culture, and Pedagogy Emphasis with Secondary Teaching Certification (over 5 semesters, with a student teaching practicum in the 5th semester)
  • Literature and Culture with an Emphasis in Translation Studies
  • Professional Tracks
    • Business Management
    • Collaborative Governance
    • Journalism
    • Marketing
    • Management Information Systems

The first four tracks form the core of our MA offerings, and are usually paired with a GAT-ship that includes tuition waiver and insurance plan. In order to plan ahead for their course of study, students interested in the MA with Secondary Teaching Certification should inform the Coordinator of Secondary Education Certification Program and the Director of Graduate Studies before matriculating. They should also contact the Director of Admissions, Advising, and Student Services in the College of Education upon entering the MA program.

The five professional tracks are designed for the pursuit of a Masters of Arts in German Studies with a particular professional concentration. To discuss these professional tracks in further detail, prospective applicants should contact the Director of Graduate Studies prior to applying. 

Prospective students need to fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in German Studies and/or a related field
  • Advanced competence in English and German (minimum Common European Framework rating of B1)

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies.


Lydia Heiss

PhD 2019

I chose to apply to the PhD Program in Transcultural German Studies because it is the only program in the United States that offers students the unique opportunity to receive a dual degree from an American and a German university, namely the University of Arizona (Ph.D.) and the Universität Leipzig (Dr. phil.). This double degree sets the PhD program offered by the Department of German Studies apart from other programs. In order to fulfill requirements for both degrees, students complete coursework and pursue their research on both campuses of these collaborating institutions. The program allows students to familiarize themselves with two university systems and to work with professors and advisers from both countries. Furthermore, the flexibility in the choice of a Minor for the PhD program in Transcultural German Studies encourages students to pursue new paths and welcomes individual interests. As the first in my program to do so, the Department supported my choice of Management as a minor. For all these reasons, the Transcultural German Studies PhD program has proven to be the best professional choice for me.