Doctoral Candidate Patrick Ploschnitzki conducting interviews with German dubbing industry

April 6th, 2020
Image of Patrick Ploschnitzki

Transcultural German Studies PhD candidate Patrick Ploschnitzki is currently in the midst of conducting interviews for his dissertation. He is investigating how German audiences of dubbed television comment on and interact with this specific mode of translation online. In order to provide a counterbalance to the often negative comments voiced on proprietary online platforms Ploschnitzki is analyzing, he has reached out to dubbing translators, project managers, and voice actors in Germany and a German subtitler based here in Tucson. In these interviews, Ploschnitzki would like to give a voice to the mostly neglected translators’ perspectives, find out more about how the perceived phenomena audiences criticize, and shed light on the for many viewers opaque dubbing process to eventually initiate a conversation between audiences and translators.