Dr. Classen discusses "Diseases, Death and Disaster during the Medieval Period"

June 9th, 2020
Image of Dr. Albrecht Classen

In a conversation with Dr. Albrecht Classen on “Diseases, Death and Disaster during the Medieval Period,” published recently in The Golden Line Magazine, interviewer Pragati Das asked Dr. Classen to relate our current covid situation to medieval experiences with epidemics and diseases, like the plague. Asked to comment on how we should live in the end, Dr. Classen recommends, "How should we live? Either before or after COVID-19, pursue love, be a good person, strive for inner and outer peace, be wise, acquire knowledge, remain humble, be a good friend, avoid the Seven Deadly Sins (vices), help your community and your family, pursue friendship, be a good teacher, respect your neighbors and, above all, nature, and make sure that you leave behind something after your death which will remind posterity of you in positive terms." Read the full interview here.