Dr. Classen publishes a book on wisdom (and shares haikus)

January 12th, 2022
Image of the book cover

Dr. Albrecht Classen, University Distinguished Professor, just published yet another book, this one on Wisdom from the European Middle Ages (2022). It’s an anthology (all of his own English translations), study, and commentary. Wisdom is here studied not through a theological or philosophical perspective, but through a literary lens, drawing from Spanish, Latin, German, and French narratives.

You can hear about the book on the Bill Buckmaster Radio show from Feb. 1, 2022, where Dr. Classen is interviewed ca. 31 minutes into the program. See https://www.buckmastershow.com/.

If you would like to take in Dr. Classen's wisdom in the current situation in poetic ways, he has responded to the pandemic by writing haikus almost on a daily basis since March 2020. Those were regularly posted on his Facebook page, but now he has pulled them all together in a book. These haikus, almost all in English but also some in German, address a wide range of topics, from nature to politics, from epistemology to love, from spirituality to materiality. Look for the ebook, called Deep Poetic Gazes into the World.