Dr. Classen publishes new monographs

April 23rd, 2021
Cover of the book, showing the title

Tracing the Trails in the Medieval World: Epistemological Explorations, Orientation, and Mapping in Medieval Literature is a book on tracing and mapping as epistemological tools in pan-European medieval literature, focusing on the various protagonists’ efforts to orient themselves in an opaque world, which invites the audience to trace them and thus to learn how to figure out the human position within a physical and spiritual labyrinth.

The monograph Freedom, Imprisonment, and Slavery in the Pre-Modern World: Cultural-Historical, Social-Literary, and Theoretical Reflections is volume 25 in Dr. Classen's book series “Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture” with De Gruyter.

Dr. Classen also translated Short Stories by Werner Bergengruen: A Selection of His Novellas.

In addition, two of his poems placed first and second in the Pima County #ThisIsCleanAir 2021 spring challenge.