Dr. Ecke co-edited volume "Understanding Vocabulary Learning and Teaching: Implications for Language Program Development"

November 20th, 2018
Picture of the book cover

Peter Ecke (University of Arizona) and Susanne Rott (University of Illinois at Chicago) co-edited a new volume on vocabulary learning and teaching published by CengageBrain: Vocabulary acquisition is an indispensable part of second language acquisition and teaching. It is crucial in the development of overall language proficiency and subskills such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing. This book presents theoretical frameworks and research findings to a broad audience that extends beyond researchers who work in the field of vocabulary acquisition. The nine chapters in the collection provide insights into vocabulary learning mechanisms and discuss how these are relevant for effective language learning and teaching, material and textbook design, and curriculum development. They are intended to spark reflection and discussion among researchers, language program directors, teachers, and graduate students and thereby contribute to the implementation of research-informed practices in curriculum design, material development, and the teaching and learning of second language vocabulary.