Dr. Gramling wins 2020 Global Humanities Translation Prize

May 7th, 2020
Image of Dr. Gramling

Together with Dr. Aron Aji (University of Iowa), Dr. David Gramling has received the 2020 Global Humanities Translation Prize for their proposed translation of Murathan Mungan’s short story cycle, Valor. The selection committee had the following to say about the submission:

“The translation of Valor is sweeping, inventive, and intriguing, drawing from a confluence of multiple linguistic and literary traditions, somehow classical in its storytelling techniques and yet nevertheless fresh and readable.”

“The excerpt seemed so polished—the writing is both rich and efficient.”

“I choose Aji and Gramling’s translation of Valor for their deft rendering of the complex and edgy themes of the text, as well as the theoretical depth of the translators’ scholarly and aesthetic approach to their work as articulated in the proposal.”

The translation will be published by Northwestern University Press. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Aji and Dr. Gramling!