Dr. Jacobs gives keynote address about "Cultures of Environmentalism"

September 14th, 2019
Image of Dr. Jacobs giving a talk

Dr. Joela Jacobs' research on environmental education projects of refugees in Germany, which has been published in two peer-reviewed venues, is currently featured on the "Migrant Knowledge" blog of the German Historical Institute at Berkeley. Drawing on this work, she is giving a keynote address on "Cultures of Environmentalism: Refugees, Recycling, and Racism in Germany” at McGill University in late September, at a conference entitled "Last Call: Environment" taking place at the Goethe Institute Montreal. As part of the conference, she will also discuss the Literary and Cultural Plant Studies Network she founded at a roundtable with McGill faculty. In addition to publishing widely in the area of plant studies herself, she has recently completed a bilingual special issue of Literatur für Leser on "Das literarische Leben der Pflanzen: Poetiken des Botanischen" and is working on a forthcoming German companion to plants (Kulturwissenschaftliches Handbuch: Pflanzen, Metzler), both co-edited with Dr. Isabel Kranz at the University of Vienna.