Dr. McGregor speaks on language expectations and study abroad experiences

October 15th, 2019
Photo of Dr. McGregor

German Studies faculty, Dr. Janice McGregor, will be an invited speaker at the University of Calgary on October 25 and 26. Grounded in her research on study abroad, the talk will consider how educators and learners manage language learning and use during these sojourns. Dr. McGregor's research demonstrates the ways in which study abroad expectations often reinforce ideologies of monolingualism even as the participants are living and experiencing multilingualism. "[Language educators and learners] consistently rely on three particular ideological structures when talking about language choice and address abroad—nativespeakerism, raciolinguicism, and neoliberalism—and that this talk helps them to continually remake monolingualism in an inherently multilingual space." 

The talk is a collaboration of both the DAAD Deutschlehrerfortbildungs seminar and Calgary's Language Research Centre’s Speaker Series.