German Professors instrumental in launching UA World Literature Program

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"This program takes another look at our world, in all its differences, disparities, clashes and conflicts, not just today, but over the ages," said Steve Martinson, professor of German studies and director of the world literature program. "It looks at the literary texts and explores the nature of these very diverse cultural landscapes." (Read more.)

UA German associate professor David Gramling, who has been teaching world literature since he finished his doctorate, will teach English 280 come this spring. Although he is not on the committee that spearheaded the creation of this degree, he is more than excited to begin enlightening students about world literature. “It’s nice to be involved in a program that is so focused on language, translation, culture and multilingualism that is getting started here on this campus,” Gramling said. “To be with that effort from the first moment is great, and I’m really excited about it.” (Read more.)