New volume of Critical Multilingualism Studies (published by German Studies faculty)

Monday, September 4, 2017

Issue 5.2 of Critical Multilingualism Studies on “Legitimate Speakers in Contested Spaces” went live this week. The new volume includes an introductory essay and eight new articles, each representing diverse contexts and approaches to the nexus of questions that coalesce around multilingual speaking subjects. Critical Multilingualism Studies (or CMS) is co-edited by German Studies faculty, Professor David Gramling and Professor Chantelle Warner. CMS is a peer-reviewed, transdisciplinary journal of of scholarship on multilingualism, monolingualism, and their related social, cultural, historical, and literary/medial phenomena and is published as an open access journal out of the University of Arizona. The journal began in 2012, following the event Multilingual, 2.0? - a symposium held at the University of Arizona and organzied by Professors Gramling and Warner with the suppoer of a grant from the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry. 


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Photo by Patrick Ploschnitzki 2015