PhD Student Patrick Ploschnitzki publishes English translation of "The Window to the World"

July 24th, 2018
PhD Student Patrick Ploschnitzki

"Das Fenster zur Welt (The Window to the World) (2013) chronicles the friendship between two grieving individuals: the eighty-year-old Hanna, who is reevaluating her life after the death of her elderly mother, and the much younger Michael, who is mourning the loss of his boyfriend following their break-up. Michael is an out-of-work actor, though it becomes clear that both he and Hanna are trapped in a game of roleplaying, as mother, caretaker, or lover. An unlikely bond grows between the two characters as they embark on a road trip through Bavaria, a metaphorical journey through the past and towards the future. The book stages an exploration of generational and sexual difference while blurring the distinctions between loss, hope and freedom." (source)

You can find the original German book here and read Patrick's English translation of excerpts of the first chapter in Translation Review.