Professor Classen receives DAAD Excellence Award in International Exchange

February 27th, 2020
Image of Professor Classen

We are happy to announce that Professor Albrecht Classen has received the very prestigious DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Excellence Award in International Exchange for his dedication to both teaching and excellence in interdisciplinary and international research, bridging medieval with modern topics that range from literature to medicine, and from science education to architecture. His role in promoting the intercultural exchange between the US and Germany very much represent the life of a truly educated “Renaissance Man”, or that of a “Grand Knight Commander of the Most Noble Order," a title that he holds as well. The numerous ties he has created by giving guest lectures at universities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, the yearly study tours to Germany with large groups of American students, and his dedication in advising and encouraging students to apply for various DAAD grants and scholarships in addition to successfully applying for the DAAD summer research grants and the StADaF from the German government himself have been exemplary in scope. The committee was also impressed by Professor Classen’s commitment to teacher education in the local Arizona AATG chapter as the president of this chapter over two decades, e.g. by inviting speakers from the German Embassy, industry and military and by presenting himself about what it means to attain global citizenship. Please join us in congratulating Professor Classen.