Reading of "Violante" with Nika Pfeifer and Barbara Kosta

April 19th, 2021
Image of Nika Pfeifer and the cover of her book Violante

Austrian writer Judith Nika Pfeifer’s 2017 novel Violante will be featured as part of the Sant Jordi Festival with a focus on the Mediterranean diet because by happy coincidence, Violante di Cardona—the main character of Nika Pfeifer’s stunning novel—comes from an aristocratic Catalan family that had various viceroys in Sicily, Catalonia, Naples, and Navarre. Nika Pfeifer and her American translator Barbara Kosta will give a short reading and discussion of this stunning story, connecting sixteenth-century femicide committed in the Papal States to our present-day on both sides of the Atlantic. Join the Sant Jordi literature festival for a preview of contemporary, experimental Austrian literature connecting sixteenth-century Rome, Barcelona, Vienna, and New York, via Tucson. The festival takes place from April 19 to 24 and is sponsored by the Austrian Cultural Forum.