Three German courses in top ten list of UA GenEds

September 19th, 2018
I heart Zombies

We are proud to announce that the Daily Wildcat's list of unique GenEd classes at UA is featuring three German courses: 

  • #3 is "From Animation to Zombies," a tier 1 course about definitions of life from all angles, featuring animals, aliens, and AI with Dr. Jacobs 
  • #8 is "Wicked Tales and Strange Encounters," a tier 2 course about fairy tales, monsters, and the discovery of the psyche in 19th century German literature with Dr. Jacobs
  • #9 is "Eroticism and Love in the Middle Ages," a tier 1 course about the oldest subject in the world that is close to everyone's heart with Dr. Classen

Look for these courses and many more!