What is new with your German major/minor?

January 30th, 2019
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The German 300-level core requirements underwent an exciting overhaul, aimed at introducing greater flexibility, so that we can better meet your interests and scheduling needs.

Please note that the following changes were made, effective in 2019:

  • Changes to Courses on the 300-Level
    • GER 300: Encounters in Language and Culture (6 units) will be replaced by GER 303: German through Contemporary Media (3 units) (effective fall 2019).
    • GER 301: German Cultural and Literary History and GER 315: German for Professional Purposes were updated and given new titles to reflect the changes (effective spring 2019).
    • GER 313: Studies in Genre will become GER 311: German through Performance (effective spring 2020).
    • GER 302 and 310 will remain the same.
  • Changes to the Major and Minor with Language Emphasis (effective spring 2019)
    • GER 300 and 301 are no longer required or pre-requisites for 400-level courses.
    • Instead, students can chose 9 units from all available 300-level courses taught in German, at least 3 of which should come from GER 301, 303, or 311.
    • Students who began their German major or minor under a previous catalog will be able to choose whether to follow the requirements of that catalog or the new set of requirements. The Director of Undergraduate Studies can advise on the best choice in individual cases.