"Why I love German" Competition

October 29th, 2020
Image of a heart saying "Es ist Liebe!"

Calling all German students & alumni! Do you love German and learning/using it? Help us out by uploading one or more of the following by the end of the day on October 31 December 9 (deadline extended!) to this Google drive folder.

  • a 5-10 second video description (spoken or sung, if you wish ?) of why you love German or love learning German (include all the animals, kids, props, or filters you like),
  • a photo of you learning German (in your home class, in the German-speaking world),
  • whatever else you can think of that we can stitch together well to create a video on why you love German!

Feel free to share this with any other German Studies students in any German class, recent alumni, etc.! We will share the result with everyone who participated.