Winners of the "Deutsch macht Spaß" video contest

December 1st, 2020
Image still from Sophie's video

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the Deutsch macht Spaß video contest! Sophie Applin (pictured), a student in German 101, won first place with her video "I'll tell you about Deutsch." Find all the winners and prizes below:

  1. Sophie Applin (GER 101), "I'll tell you about Deutsch" ($200 gift card)
  2. Caroline Schulte, Darian Strayhorn, Helen Waltz, Jacob Fink, Paige Costello, Sinatra Law, Tara Osmundson (GER 101), "Deutsch macht Spaß" ($100 gift card)
  3. Carter Weeks, Hayden Christensen, Sierra Copeland (GER 101), "Tagesablauf mit Hayden" ($50 gift card)
  4. Max Ratch (GER 102), "Alles wird gut" ($50 gift card)
  5. Tim Ronan (GER 201), "Der Holzmann" ($50 gift card)
  6. Henry Payne, Lucy Jackson, Thomas Petrocelli (GER 202), "Die Märchendateien" ($50 gift card)

The departmental video contest was an opportunity for participants to show how they are having fun with the German language and cultures in creative ways. In the first round, students voted for the best video from their class to enter the program-wide competition. Students from all classes watched the six finalist videos and voted for the winner online. The contest was funded by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) with a Deutsch macht Spaß grant, secured by Dr. Peter Ecke. Congratulations to all participants!