Graduate Student Ambassador Program

An Opportunity to Enrich Your Classroom

Would you like to have a graduate student teach a unit on the Berlin Wall or on the celebration of Karneval/Mardi Gras in Cologne?

The Department of German Studies invites local K-12 teachers to contact the department to arrange for a Graduate Student Ambassador to visit your classroom. The students are prepared to present on a range of topics such as German popular culture, the Holocaust, German unification, and different aspects of German cultural practices and events. The presentations are in English, and students may learn a few German words too.

On a recent visit to a local Elementary School, graduate students were met with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic audience. One letter read:

"Danke schön! Guten Tag Sabine. Thank you for coming and teaching us about German. You rock!"

Please contact us for more information.

Ambassador helping a student