McGregor, Janice
Assistant Professor

Hi! I'm an Assistant Professor of German Studies and an affiliate faculty member in the Interdisciplinary PhD program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT). I completed my PhD in German Applied Linguistics at Penn State and subsequently held the position of Assistant Professor of German at Kansas State University from 2012-2018.

My experiences with identity, authenticity, and multilingualism shape my research endeavors, which center around three interrelated strands:

  1. Language learning, identity and learner beliefs;
  2. Culture and intercultural learning, especially in study abroad;
  3. Qualitative research methods in German applied linguistics.

My projects' findings highlight the need for scholars and educators to better attend to the coordinated interactional work that speakers do in social interactions (e.g. "naturally-occurring" interactions, in interviews), the value of adopting an understanding of "authentic" language as encompassing patterns of language and meaning that are both recognizable within and across communities of speakers and that are appropriated as one's own, and the value of examining beliefs about and constructions of intercultural learning in order to better articulate what it actually is and how to assess it. See here for my contribution to the Tucson Humanities Festival 2020: "Study Abroad and Un(doing) Harm".

Currently Teaching

GER 160D2 – Gesundheit!: Health and Well-Being in German-Speaking Cultures

This course brings together perspectives on health and well-being from the humanities, medicine, social sciences, and education to investigate representations of pain and healing in German-speaking texts (e.g., literature, film, art, other media). Throughout the course, students will reflect on systemic questions of power, identity, and language/talk, and how these have influenced values and practices around health and well-being in German-speaking texts and US-American cultural contexts. Taught in English.

GER 420 – Topics in German Culture

This course highlights a particular topic in German culture of the present and/or past, featuring works from literature, visual culture, and other cultural artifacts. Taught in German.